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wechaty puppet wechat4u

Wechat4u Puppet for Wechaty

See: New Puppet - Plan to support WECHATY_HEAD=WECHAT4U #69


Wechat4U is an excellent wechat bot framework that supports both Node.js & Browser, with rich features and an active community of experienced contributors.


  1. WeChat Account that registered after 2017 mignt not be able to login Web Wechat, so it can not use PuppetPuppeteer with Wechaty. Please make sure your WeChat Account can be able to login by visiting https://wx.qq.com
  2. Web API can not create room and invite members to room since 2018.

If you want to break the above limitations, please consider to use a Wechaty Puppet other than using Web API, like wechaty-puppet-padchat.

Learn more about the Puppet at Wechaty wiki: Puppet


Huan LI <zixia@zixia.net>

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  • Code & Docs © 2018 Huan LI <zixia@zixia.net>
  • Code released under the Apache-2.0 License
  • Docs released under Creative Commons