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ORF reflector client for macOS
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Estrella macOS

Estrella is an open source and freely available radio-like client for ORF reflectors (e.g. this fork of xlxd). It implements the D-STAR vocoder extension that allows the use of the open source codec Codec 2 with D-STAR, so it establishes a DExtra connection directly to the reflector without the need of an AMBE chip. If the reflector has the appropriate hardware, it will transcode and bridge communications with "traditional" D-STAR transceivers (and in some cases also DMR and System Fusion).


Estrella uses Carthage for its dependencies. To build, run carthage update --platform macOS first.

Pre-built binaries can be found in the releases tab.

Estrella uses the CocoaDV and CocoaCodec2 Cocoa Frameworks. Estrella's macOS icon is based on this icon.

73 de SV9OAN

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