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Jiggle bone animation tool for blender
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Jiggle bone animation tool for blender

this is a jiggle bone animation add-on for blender, to enable jiggle physics first enable Jiggle scene in the scene settings and then enable Jiggle Bone on the bones


  • easy animation of softbody effects using just bones
  • real time simulation
  • jiggle bone control through control bones
  • unconditionally stable simulation


  • Simulation frame rate independent from scene frame rate for consistent simulation , the fps of the scene no longer affects the simulation behavior, time sub-stepping was removed since it’s no longer needed, you can change the simulation frame rate for an armature in the JiggleArmature settings in the Armature tab
  • Custom rest pose you can set custom rest poses for the bones
  • Bake simulation button is back for selected bones and for all bones (in the scene tab)
  • Improved solver it’s more stable than previous versions even on large chains of boneses

Usage demo video

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