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Raw format video reader for VapourSynth
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vsrawsource - Raw format reader for VapourSynth

raw(uncompressed) video source filter for VapourSynth. Also, YUV4MPEG2 and WindowsBitmap(24bit/32bit RGB) are supported.


>>> import vapoursynth as vs
>>> core = vs.Core()
>>> core.std.LoadPlugin('vsrawsource.dll')
>>> clip = core.raws.Source('/path/to/file.raw')

If input file has alpha channel, >>> clips = core.raws.Source('/path/to/file_with_alpha.raw', 1920, 1080, src_fmt='BGRA') >>> base = clip[0] # RGB24 clip >>> alpha = clip[1] # GRAY8 clip


  • width video width (1~ default 720)
  • height video height (1~ default 480)
  • fpsnum framerate numerator (1~ default 30000)
  • fpsden framerate denominator (1~ default 1001)
  • sarnum sample aspect ratio numerator (0~ default 1)
  • sarden sample aspect ratio denominator (0~ default 1)
  • src_fmt color format of source video (default 'I420')
  • off_header offset to the first frame data (0~ default 0)
  • off_frame offset to the real data for every frame (0~ default 0)
  • rowbytes_align byte alignment of all rows of frame (1~16 default 1)

these options will be ignored if source is YUV4MPEG2/WindowsBitmap.

supported color formats:

see format_list.txt.


When input video has alpha channel, this filter returns a list which has two clips. clip[0] is base clip. clip[1] is alpha clip.

How to compile:

on unix system(include mingw/cygwin), type as follows:

$ git clone git://
$ cd ./vsrawsource
$ ./configure
$ make

if you want to use msvc++, then

  • rename rawsource.c to rawsource.cpp
  • create vcxproj yourself

source code:
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