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A set of scripts to help HOAP3 to write letters for the CoWriter project. Based on the ROS toolset.
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This package contains a set of scripts useful to generate joint-space trajectories that follow a SVG shape.

It requires MoveIt for the robot inverse kinematics, and softMotion or cowriter-trajectory-generator for the SVG2traj conversion.

The publish_traj script uses the ROS hydro format for joint trajectory publishing.

Available tools

  • scripts/ displays an interactive marker in RViz that is shaped as an A4 paper sheet. Used to visually place the SVG trajectory in space.

  • scripts/publish_traj: takes a SVG file as input and publishes it as a ROS topic (/write_traj). Can also optionally display it in RViz.

  • scripts/ sample random points around the robot end-effector to see if they are reachable by IK.

  • scripts/ reads a cartesian trajectory from ROS topic write_traj and generate the corresponding joint-space trajectory.

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