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Display keystroke for desktop screencast. (demo movie: youtube)

Automatically Hide Password Input

KeyCast detect the focused input is password input. So you do not need to disable by hand to hide input for password mostly.


  • Native AXSecureTextField
  • Google Chrome's password input
  • Local sudo (hide on sudo is in processlist)

Download and Install

Download .dmg from releases page:

Copy to your Application folder.

Scripting Bridge

KeyCast also supports scripting bridge. You can control (enable or disable) KeyCast by AppleScript or JavaScript (Yosemite).


# enable 
osascript -e 'tell application "KeyCast"' -e 'set enabled to true' -e 'end tell'

# disable
osascript -e 'tell application "KeyCast"' -e 'set enabled to false' -e 'end tell'

eg. (on Yosemite)

# enable
osascript -l JavaScript -e 'Application("KeyCast").enabled = true;' 

osascript -l JavaScript -e 'Application("KeyCast").enabled = false;'