Maven archetype for creating a dynamic web project using modern development stack that plays nicely with continuous integration servers.
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This Maven archetype creates a dynamic web project that plays nicely with Jenkins and Sonar.

Although it primarily targets WebSphere 8.5.5, the bundled EAR/WAR file will also work with other application servers, such as Tomcat, Jetty, etc.


  • Java version >= 7.
  • Maven version >= 3.3.x.

Latest Release


For example:

mvn archetype:generate 

Back-End Stack

Handles app security and generates Restful web services for front-end stack to consume.

Key Dependencies Description
Jetty JEE server (for app dev)
H2 Embedded database (for app dev)
Spring Dependency injection, handles plumbing code
Spring Security App security
Spring Data JPA JPA-based repositories
Hibernate ORM framework
Guava Utility API, creates immutable collections, functional-style programming
Spock Groovy test cases
Better Preconditions Fluent precondition API
Build Reports Static code analysis reports for Jenkins and Sonar
Pojo Builder Creates immutable objects

Front-End Stack

True single-page app from front-end-stack.

Configure IntelliJ IDEA to use intellij-config to satisfy ESLint rules.

Key Dependencies Description
Frontend Maven Plugin Installs Node.js and NPM dependencies using Maven goals
NPM JavaScript package manager
Node.js Event-driven I/O server-side JavaScript environment (for app dev)
Webpack Module bundler
Webpack Dev Server Live reloading server (for app dev)
ES6 and ES7 Latest and greatest JavaScript language
Babel Transpiles ES6+ to ES5 to maximize cross browser compatibility
React Handles view layer
Redux One-way data flow, inspired by Flux pattern
Saga Side Effects middleware using ES6 Generator
Immutable Creates immutable objects
Material UI UI components, adhering to Google Material Design
Radium and Radium Grid Inline CSS and grid layout
ESLint Validates JavaScript, adhering to Airbnb's JavaScript style guide
Mocha JavaScript test framework


Configuring VCS Ignore List

  • The following directories should not be committed into VCS:-
    • target/
    • **/src/main/frontend/etc/
    • **/src/main/frontend/node/
    • **/src/main/frontend/node_modules/

Starting Jetty Server for Back-End Development

  • From war module, run mvn clean jetty:run to start Jetty server.

  • Go to https://localhost:8443 and select the link to see the project main page.

Starting Webpack Dev Server for Front-End Development

  • Change directory to frontend dir.

  • Run npm start.

  • Open http://localhost:8080 in browser.

Creating EAR File

  • From root module or webapp module, run mvn clean package.

  • This will create the WAR file and bundle it into the EAR file.

Creating WAR File

From war module, run mvn clean package.

This will create just the WAR file.

Configuring Jenkins

  • Create a "Freestyle project" job.

  • Under "Add build steps, select "Invoke top-level Maven targets".

    • Goals (without Sonarqube): -U clean test site
    • Goals (with Sonarqube): -U clean test site sonar:sonar -Psonarqube
    • POM: [project]/[project]-war/pom.xml

Version Restrictions

Some dependencies and plugins cannot be upgraded to the latest version to ensure they are compatible with Websphere 8.5.5's specs: Java SE 7, Java EE 7, Servlet 3.0, JSP 2.2, JPA: 2.0.

Dependency Version Used Why
org.mortbay.jetty:jetty-maven-plugin 9.2.x 9.3.x requires Java 8
javax.servlet:javax.servlet-api 3.x 4.x requires Java 8
org.hibernate:hibernate-entitymanager 4.2.x 4.3.x requires JPA 2.1
org.jadira.usertype:usertype.core 4.x 5.x requires Hibernate 5


Problem creating jar: Execution exception: Java heap space

When packaging EAR file, you get this exception:-

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-ear-plugin:2.10.1:ear (default-ear) 
on project myproject-webapp-ear: Error assembling EAR: Problem creating jar: Execution exception: 
Java heap space -> [Help 1]

To fix this, add the following VM arguments to increase the heap space:-

-Xms2048m -Xmx2048m -XX:PermSize=256m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m