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GitHub release CRAN

R package to interact with the RePEc API.



This package is on CRAN. To install it, type in your R console:


To install the latest version, you can use the devtools package:

# install.packages('devtools') # If not already installed



You will need to ask for an access code (see link above) that is linked to a specific IP. The code will be needed when calling most of the functions by using the code parameter (see below). One way to avoid passing explicitly the code is to create the REPEC_API_KEY environment variable. The code below can be put in your .RProfile so that it is always available when you start R:

# YOURCODE is your personal access code


The functions generally accept a Short-ID (e.g., pmo915) or a string.

Functions with string

  • getauthorshortid

Functions with Short-ID

  • getauthornep
  • getauthorrecordfull
  • getauthorrecordraw
  • getauthorstats
  • getauthortwitter
  • getfirstpubyear
  • getgenealogy
  • gethindex
  • getinstrecord
  • getjelforitem

There is a generic function (repec_api_with_id) that can be used to call one of the methods that use a Short-ID and is not yet available in the package:

repec_api_with_id(id = 'pmo915', method = 'somemethod', code = 'YOURCODE')

In the previous example somemethod is the name of the method you want to call (e.g., getauthornep, getauthortwitter).

Other functions

  • areyouthere
  • testip
  • whatismyip

Functions aliases

Functions were named according to the API method, but they have underscored aliases that make them more readable. For instance, getauthornep(...) can be called as get_author_nep(...), whatismyip(...) as what_is_my_ip(...), etc. You probably get the point.

Additional functions

Not all the API methods are available in the package. Unfortunately I have not access to all of them, thus I don't know what they actually do. If you want a function to be added, and know what it returns, please open an issue.