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Color Tools and Theme Support for Compass and Sass
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Compass Colors

This compass extension provides support for working with colors in Sass and generating color themes for use on your website.


sudo gem install compass-colors

To install a theme into your existing compass project, add the following to your compass configuration file:

require 'compass-colors'

Then run this command:

compass install colors/<Theme Name>

Where <Theme Name> is one of: basic, complementary, triadic, split_complement, analogous

The _theme.sass partial can then be imported into your stylesheets and the color constants can be used.

@import theme.sass    

Supported Color Themes

With all of these themes, you must pick a base color and the theme takes it from there:

  • Basic/Monochromatic (basic)
  • Complementary (complementary)
  • Triadic (triadic)
  • Split Complementary (split_complement)
  • Analogous (analogous)

Sass Functions Provided

  • lighten(color, percentage) - Create a color lighter by the percent amount provided.
  • darken(color, percentage) - Create a color darker by the percent amount provided.
  • saturate(color, percentage) - Increase the saturation of a color by the percent amount provided.
  • desaturate(color, percentage) - Decrease the saturation of a color by the percent amount provided.
  • hue(color) - Extract the hue from the color in degrees (0-360). Suitable to be passed as the first argument of hsl.
  • saturation(color) - Extract the saturation from the color in percent (0-100). Suitable to be passed as the second argument of hsl.
  • luminosity(color) - Extract the luminosity from the color in percent (0-100). Suitable to be passed as the third argument of hsl.
  • mix(color1, color2, percentage) - Create a new color by mixing two colors together. Percentage (0-100) is optional, and indicates how much of color2 should be mixed into color1.
  • grayscale(color) - Create a gray color by mapping the color provided to the grayscale.
  • adjust_hue(color, degrees) - Add the number of degrees provided to the hue of the color keeping luminosity and saturation constant. Degrees can be negative.
  • complement(color) - Returns the compliment of the color provided.
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