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Prettyplan (available online here) is a small tool to help you view large Terraform plans with ease. By pasting in your plan output, it will be formatted for:

  • Expandable/collapsible sections to help you see your plan at a high level and in detail
  • Tabular layout for easy comparison of old/new values
  • Better display formatting of multi-line strings (such as JSON documents)

Terraform Version Compatibility

Prettyplan was written to work on Terraform plans from 0.11 and earlier. In 0.12, the plan output was significantly changed, addressing many of the pain points that Prettyplan addresses; for this reason, there are no current plans to update Prettyplan to work with 0.12. In my case, Prettyplan was made unnecessary by Terraform's improvements.

Contributions are still welcome if anyone would like to upgrade the code to handle plans from 0.12 onwards.


You're welcome to submit ideas/bugs (via the Issues section) or improvements (via Pull Requests)!

The code has all been converted from JavaScript to TypeScript and is built by webpack. To work on the project locally, you should be able to get everything up and running just by having npm, running npm install and then npm run serve which will open up Prettyplan in your default browser, ready for any changes you make to the source files.

You can also run npm run build to build the project without a dev server.


Tests are being run on every commit and Pull Request via Travis, but if you want to run them locally, you'll need to have npm on your PC, and run npm install followed by npm test in the repository.


The project is deployed to Netlify; a slightly older version of the code is also served on GitHub pages which used to be the main way to access Prettyplan.

Will this steal sensitive data from my Terraform plans?

No. All the parsing/formatting is done directly in your browser, no data is sent to or from another service.


A formatting tool to help make large Terraform plans easier to review.








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