A formatting tool to help make large Terraform plans easier to review.
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prettyplan Build Status

Prettyplan (available online here) is a small tool to help you view large Terraform plans with ease. By pasting in your plan output, it will be formatted for:

  • Expandable/collapsible sections to help you see your plan at a high level and in detail
  • Tabular layout for easy comparison of old/new values
  • Better display formatting of multi-line strings (such as JSON documents)

Planned Features

Things I'd like to add in the future if possible:

  • Full diff highlighting for new/old values (especially large JSON documents)
  • Command-line integration (e.g. a nicer way of generating pretty plans without copying/pasting all the time)


You're welcome to submit ideas/bugs (via the Issues section) or improvements (via Pull Requests)!

The code in its current state aims to be as simple as possible: it's all plain JavaScript, so no build is required. Just edit the HTML/CSS/JS in whatever editor you like, then test it out by opening index.html in your browser!

Any additional development dependencies - e.g. JavaScript frameworks, test frameworks, build systems, what have you - will be added on an as-needs basis if the project grows to require them.


Tests are being run on every commit and Pull Request via Travis, but if you want to run them locally, you'll need to have npm on your PC, and run npm install followed by npm test in the repository.


The website is served from the gh-pages branch. All PRs should be landed onto master and then, whenever it's appropriate for a new release, gh-pages can be updated with a merge from master, with updated release notes.

Will this steal sensitive data from my Terraform plans?

No. All the parsing/formatting is done directly in your browser, no data is sent to or from another service.