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My vim, zsh, git, tmux, and other config files and utility scripts.


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My dotfiles, a constantly evolving set of configurations which I arguably spend too much time tweaking, but they make the command line feel like home, so here we are.


I do love me some Vim, that's for sure. I run Vim with vim-plug to manage plugins. I have many plugins and customizations (stored in vim/rcfiles and vim/rcplugins respectively) which may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I sure do love a sharp tool.


I run zsh as my shell, finding it to be a great middle ground between adding additional niceties and features, while remaining a largely compatible shell scripting target. I use zplug to manage zsh plugins (like the amazing zsh-syntax-highlighting plugin), and I use pure as my prompt.


Tmux allows me to combine processes, shells, and Vim in any way I need for the project at hand. I'm able to build my own IDE-like experience at the command line while still using the best tool for any given job. I'm a big fan.

Core to my tmux work is the combination of two plugins that bring Vim & tmux together, vim-tmux-navigator for navigation, and vim-tmux-runner for sending commands from vim to tmux.


Lastly have fzf, "a command-line fuzzy finder". In the end this is a much smaller component being just a shell command, but I find I use it across each of Vim, zsh, and tmux, and it has become absolutely core to many of my workflows, thus it gets top billing.