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Rover 5

A repository with (hopefully) useful things related to the Rover 5 robotic platform.
Christophe VG (


See for technical and commercial information.

In this Repository

  • the cad directory contains OpenSCAD models of the Rover 5 and plates to mount various components, batteries,...
  • the images directory contains PNG renderings of the model, with and without plates,...


The general model contains variables and modules related to screws and nuts. These have to be tailored to the correct sizes of the used hardware to assemble the mount on the chassis:

  • nuts and bolts: M3 x 16

Rover 5

The rover5 model contains a basic model of the chassis. It still requires some tweaking and parameterisation, but it's already useable as a visual support for designing add-on components.

Mount (v2)

The cover, back and battery models provide five plates that can be combined into a mount that fits on top of the chassis.

It features:

  • holding space for a battery
  • additional support to ensure the nuts and bolts don't break the t-bolts
  • guides for keep wires clear towards the back
  • two additional holes for mounting retraction hooks (4mm)

Use the all model to visualise it on top of the chassis:

The cut model makes a 2D projection of all plates, ready for laser cutting:

The cut here also includes an empty space, in this case for a servo that rises from the chassis.

Print version

The plexi laser cut parts proved to be a bit brittle, so for a next version, I decided to give 3D printed parts a go. Since 3D printed parts tend not to snap-fit nicely together, I had to introduce some margins.

The print model serves as the top-level entry point for generating 3D printable STLs. The cover was also extended with mounting holes for the servo wich and a tumble switch.

Printing the parts on my Zortrax M200 resulted in the first partly failed prints due to warping when printing the large flat cover. I managed to print the cover reasonably adding two small clamps when warping appeared. I never found a use for those clamps before; now I know why I kept them around ;-)

More to come...


A repository with (hopefully) useful things about the Rover 5 robotic platform.



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