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🎨 Extended rTorrent distribution with UI enhancements, colorization, and some added features.
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rTorrent-PS-CH - Fork notes

Extended Canvas Screenshot


This fork is another set of UI patches on top of the original, it also includes a set of fixes and enhancements for rtorrent. It was originally created to use with rtorrent-ps-ch_setup project but it doesn't depend on it in any way.

UI changes

UI changes on the fully customizable extended canvas:

  • column/color lengths are shortened by 1 in column definition
  • extra dynamic color schemes: C70, C71, C72, C73
  • sacrificial columns by default: Item state (☢), Number of connected peers (℞)
  • modified columns: Message (❢), Uprate (∆⋮ ⟲), Uploaded data size (Σ⇈)
  • added column: Throttle name (⊘)
  • the order and colorization of some columns are changed

Extra keyboard shortcuts

It adds couple of new keyboard shortcuts: F, , , ESC

Important enhancements, fixes

Over latest rtorrent v0.9.7/0.13.7:

Merged into rtorrent v0.9.7/0.13.7:

Differences between rTorrent-PS:

Extra commands

It also adds the following extra attributes, commands:


Notes about git build script parameter:

  • if commits point to the release version of rtorrent/libtorrent in build script then there shouldn't be a difference between release and git builds
  • client versions (rtorrent/libtorrent) are still untouched, that means client still report the latest release version (e.g. 0.9.7) to trackers, only title bar and directory names are changed to display the increased version number (e.g. 0.9.8).

Compiling instructions

See Debian Install From Source - The Easy Way to get rTorrent-PS-CH and pyrocore utilities up and running in tmux in 20 minutes.

Binary tarballs, packages

Note: published binaries are NOT CPU optimized builds (for obvious reasons) hence Installing from Source is still the preferred way. If you still want to use them then see Debian Install From Tarballs, Packages.


See the Manual for explanation of basic concepts and command extensions.

Change log

See for more details.


Extended rTorrent distribution with UI enhancements, colorization, some added features, and a comprehensive standard configuration.

Extended Canvas Screenshot

What is this?

rTorrent-PS is a rTorrent distribution (not a fork of it), in form of a set of patches that improve the user experience and stability of official rTorrent releases. See the changelog for a timeline of applied changes, especially those since the last official release.

Note that rTorrent-PS is not the same as the PyroScope command line utilities, and doesn't depend on them; the same is true the other way 'round. It's just that both unsurprisingly have synergies if used together, and some features do only work when both are present.

How do I use it?

See the main documentation for details about installing and using rTorrent-PS.

To get in contact and share your experiences with other users of rTorrent-PS, join the pyroscope-users mailing list or the inofficial ##rtorrent channel on


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