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The Open-Source Product Management Tool

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Feedbase is an open-source product management tool that helps products to enhance customer relationships through its robust features. It enables efficient capturing, prioritization, and resolution of customer issues, while also providing valuable insights into your product's status.

Tech Stack

Deploy Your Own

If you're interested in self-hosting your own Feedbase instance, check out the documentation.


Feedbase is currently in very early stages of development. Here's what we have planned for the future:

  • Further customization of the public hub
  • Implementation of Roadmaps & Feature Requests
  • Integration with other tools like GitHub, Linear, etc.
  • Analytics & Insights options for the public hub
  • Blog & Users management

and much much more, so stay tuned!


We would love to have your help in making Feedbase better!

Here's how you can contribute:


Feedbase is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3 (AGPLv3) .