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RoundhousE is a Database Migration Utility for .NET using sql files and versioning based on source control

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NOTE: RoundhousE is "abandoned"

RoundhousE is a wonderful tool, and I was one of the main maintainers for a couple of years, as no one else was maintaining it, and it provided great value to me. However, the project has been around for many years, and had begun accruing some technical debt that became tough to work with when trying to introduct new features or refactor.

After giving it some thought, I decided to start from zero, and create a successor to RoundhousE, starting from the ground up on modern .NET (started on .NET 6 in 2021, now on .NET 8), cross-platform, using the latest 3rd party libraries to connect to the various databases, etc. I removed NHibernate as a dependency, as it was only used to create the versioning tables, and seemed like a bit of an overkill, and it was hard to move fast forward technology wise with such a large dependency. Log4net was also replaced with Serilog.

RoundhousE will of course never disappear, and the source code will stay here. But, there is no active development of RoundhousE for now. I continue my journey with the successor, grate. It's now on version 1.6, and considered stable. It's in active development.

Please head over there, and try it out. If should be almost feature-complete with RoundhousE, and should you find anything that's missing, please file an issue, or submit a PR.

Project RoundhousE - Database Change Management done right

CI build status

RoundhousE - Professional Database Management


Apache 2.0 - see docs\legal (just LEGAL in the zip folder)





RoundhousE is an automated database deployment (change management) system that allows you to use your current idioms and gain much more. Currently works with Oracle1, SQL Server (2000/2005/2008/Express), Access1, MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL. There are future plans for other databases.

It seeks to solve both maintenance concerns and ease of deployment. We follow some of the same idioms as other database management systems (SQL scripts), but we are different in that we think about future maintenance concerns. We want to always apply certain scripts (anything stateless like functions, views, stored procedures, and permissions), so we don't have to throw everything into our change scripts. This seeks to solves future source control concerns. How sweet is it when you can version the database according to your current source control version?

1) Only on full-framework on Windows, not on Cross-platform .NET Core global tool version.

Getting started with RoundhousE


You can download RoundhousE from

You can also obtain a copy from the build server at

Gems (Not updated for 0.9.0 and above, sorry)

If you have Ruby 1.8.6+ (and Gems 1.3.7+) installed, you can get the current release of RoundhousE to your machine quickly!

  1. Type gem install roundhouse
  2. Then from anywhere you can type rh [options]


With NuGet you can get the current release of RoundhousE to your application quickly!

  1. In Visual Studio Package Manager Console type install-package roundhouse
  2. There is also roundhouse.lib, roundhouse.msbuild, and roundhouse.refreshdatabase


Chocolatey is like apt-get, but for Windows! This is an alternative method to get the current release of RoundhousE to your machine quickly!

  1. Type cinst roundhouse
  2. Then from anywhere you can type rh [options]

Dotnet core global tool (Windows, Linux, macOS, etc)

  1. Type dotnet tool install -g dotnet-roundhouse
  2. Then from anywhere you can type rh [options]

You can read more about what happens in the background e.g. here:, but in short, it installs the binaries to your ~/.dotnet/tools folder.

You will need dotnet core installed on your box for this to work. You can get it here:

Docker: Dotnet core global tool

You can easily integrate RoundhousE in your existing docker infrastructure. Use docker compose, or just pull it down directly and run it. You should probably build upon the image, and add your own customisations, as appropriate. The docker image has the dotnet core global tool distribution of RoundhousE in a Debian 10 Linux base image.

  1. Type docker pull dotnetroundhouse/roundhouse
  2. Type docker run dotnetroundhouse/roundhouse


This is the best way to get to the bleeding edge of what we are doing.

  1. Clone the source down to your machine.
    git clone git://
  2. Type cd roundhouse
  3. Type git config core.autocrlf false to leave line endings as they are.
  4. Type git status. You should not see any files to change.
  5. Run build.ps1. NOTE: You must have git on the path (open a regular command line and type git).


The build system has been using UppercuT, but this will probably not be maintained going forward. We will try to standardize on more "main stream" build tools like MSBuild and Powershell. There are still some remains of UppercuT in the source code (esp. in the build folder), but this is probably going to be removed in the near future.

To work with the command line, you will need the following in your path:

  • MS Build
  • GitVersion (easiest to run choco install gitversion.portable. You are running chocolatey aren't you?)
  • NuGet Command Line (easiest to run choco install nuget.commandline. You are running chocolatey aren't you?)


NOTE: If you are looking at the source - please run build.ps1 before opening the solution. It extracts the keywords.txt files needed for ILMerge-ing MySql dlls, and build will complain without them.


  • .NET Framework 4.6.1 (for the full framework version), or
  • .NET Core 2.1+ (for the dotnet core distribution)
  • SA access to the sql server (for creation or deletion)
  • change access to the database (for everything else)


Donations Accepted - If you enjoy using this product or it has saved you time and money in some way, please consider making a donation.
It helps keep to the product updated, pays for site hosting, etc.


Please see releases for the full release logs

Bugfix release

Fixed bug in packaging of dotnet core tool, and another bug with log folder paths and colon in connection string.

Merge-error release fix

Cross-platform dotnet core and dotnet standard ++

Big technological release. RoundhousE now runs on .NET Core in addition to the good, old .NET framework.

Two Bugfixes

After the 0.9.0 release, users identifed two significant bugs. These are fixed in a quick point release.

(See release for the full release notes)

Focus on modernising tooling

RoundhousE has had some catching-up to do tooling-wise. Dependency on .NET 3.5, old, NAnt-based build chain, etc. We are starting this work. It is not done yet, but on its way. Feature-wise not a lot to brag about, but RH.exe should now be able to run on Windows Server 2016 out-of-the-box, because it is no longer dependent on .NET 3.5.

(See release for the full release notes)

Catching up with Pull Requests (See release for the release notes)

OMG!! It's a RoundhousE release!!

It's been a long time coming. I didn't want to get bogged down into writing the perfect release notes, so I am summarizing the last four years of commit history. I hope that no one that contributed feels slighted by my failure to specifically acknowledge your contribution. I intend to do better in the future.


  • Added option to run scripts outside of transaction scope
  • Handle Azure connection strings
  • Properly split files that start with a splitter
  • Respect Transaction flag
  • Improved Logging
  • Added switch --warnandignoreononetimescriptchanges

Bug Fixes

  • Only retry on SQL Connection errors
  • Correctly handle postgres connection disposed error



  • Use git as official repository. (mpareja)
  • Upgrade UpperCut to version 1.4.2. (ferventcoder)
  • Database Restore: use restore specific timeout value. (icetoast - pull #90)
  • Ignore EOL format changes when detecting script changes. (lahma - pull #104)
  • Include SQL Print statements in debug log. (ferventcoder - issue #68)
  • Include statement being run in log when an error occurs. (ferventcoder - issue #66)
  • Added 'runBeforeUp' anytime directory. (cdrexle - pull #51)
  • Support resolving version from a text file. (mpareja - pull #50, pull #55)
  • Add option to turn off copying scripts into 'itemsRan' directory. (lahma - pull #47)
  • WarnOnOneTimeScriptChange will now cause changed one-time scripts to be re-run. (BiggerNoise - pull #35)
  • Upgrade NHibernate to version 3.3.2. (drusellers)
  • Upgrade FubuCore, HtmlTags and StructureMap. (drusellers)

Bug Fixes

  • SQL Batch Parser: handle training comments, single quotes. (mpareja - pull #108)
  • SQL Batch Parser: fix hang. (AndersMalmgren - pull #100)
  • Token Replacer: preserve case for unmatched tokens. (mpareja - pull #65)
  • SQL scripts no longer truncated to 4000 characters. (charoco, ferventcoder - pull #61)
  • Oracle: Fix handling of null values. (rdingwall - pull #59, issue #58)
  • Script File Versioner: fix exception. (Michael Kobaly - issue #68 on Google Code)
  • Only change DB recovery mode if explicitly told to. (ferventcoder - issue #69 on Google Code)
  • Fixed the debug command line switch. (ferventcoder - issue #40)
  • Ensure version 1.2.10 of log4net is used when installing NuGet packages. (ferventcoder - issue #41)
  • Fix: Improve logging of RH exceptions. (torkelo - pull #60)

Breaking Changes

  • RoundhousE will change the DB recover mode if the recoverymode mode option is explicitly set to simple or full. In the past, RoundhousE would default to full but would only ever set the recovery mode while creating/restoring the database. If you depended on RoundhousE to create/restore the database for you and you don't want the database server default to be used, you should specify the recovery mode option.


  • FIX: KeyNotFoundException in NHibernateSessionFactoryBuilder. See [issue 59] ( for details. (r361)
  • SQLite Support!. See details #21 (r360)
  • PostgreSQL Support! Thanks SiimV! See details #30 (r359)
  • New Configuration Switch! SearchAllSubdirectoriesInsteadOfTraverse - All migrations subfolders are traversed by default and run in order of each folder's scripts. This option runs all items in subfolders at same time. Thanks SiimV! See details #31 (r359)
  • FIX: Transactions not working with restore. See details #26 (r357)
  • FIX: Fixed a nasty bug with SQL Server where it tries to hold a connection (interferes with drop/create mode) and gives a transport error. See details #12 (r357)
  • New Version Resolver! - Script Number Versioning. See details #25 (r356)
  • FIX: Custom create script should split batch statements. See details #22 (r353)
  • New Migrations Folder! RunAfterCreateDatabaseFolder - Runs only one time and only after a database has been created. This works with a limited set of database types at the moment. Please test if you are planning on using. See details #20 (r351)
  • Almost everything is now ilmerged internalized. See details #8 and #15 (r350)
  • FIX: Cannot drop databases with snapshots. See details #13 (r349)
  • Create database custom script can handle file paths. See details #17 (r348)
  • FIX: SQL Server 2000 needs to create all of its tables. See details #18 (r346)
  • RH assemblies are now signed. See details #14 (r342)
  • FIX: Removed the temporary log location. See details #7 (r340)
  • New Configuration Switch! DisableTokenReplacement - Token replacement should be configurable. See issue 56 for details. (r339)
  • FIX: Token replacer should only replace for items it finds. See issue 56 for details. (r339)
  • Possible Breaking Change! File encoding will always try to read files as UTF-8, but fall back to ANSI. You can't go wrong if you encode in ANSI. See issue 39 for details. (r337)
  • Restores are a bit smarter about moving files to a default location when one has not been specified. See details #9 or issue 13 (r336)
  • FIX: Do not run token replacement on empty text. See details #10 (r330)
  • Custom Scripts also run token replacement (r321)
  • New Configuration Switches! Two new switches available - CommandTimeout and CommandTimeoutAdmin! (r329)
  • FIX: Migrate doesn't try to configure log4net now (causes issues w/libraries that do) (r326)
  • New Migrations Folder! Indexes folder now available (r327)
  • New Migrations Folder! AlterDatabase folder now available. See details #6 (r324)
  • FIX: Included sample for Oracle doesn't work. See [issue 55] ( for details. (r322)
  • Custom Restore Options should use token replacement (r321)
  • MySQL Support!. Thanks Diyan. See details #3 (r320)

  • Fixed a few issues with using the connection string. You should now be able to only supply the connection string and not server/database as well.

  • Fixed a collation issue with RoundhousE id columns in its tracking tables. See [issue 46] ( for details. (r274)
  • RestoreFromPath can take a relative path. (r269)
  • RH can now upgrade it's internals without user interaction. See [issue 40] ( for details. (r268)
  • MSBuild / NAnt tasks are deprecated and no longer hooked up. Please use the console and call it from your tasks. (r268)
  • RH has differencing support with NHibernate Schema Generation/Updates (r267 - branch, r268)
  • FluentNhibernate and NHibernate are now being used for the internals (r267 - branch, r268)
  • SMO is deprecated and removed (r203 - branch, r268)
  • Gems and build upgrades, oh my! (r259)
  • SQL2000 to 2005 is now a smooth transition. (r221)
  • Fix: SQL2000 - ScriptsRun now correctly references Version for the foreign key. (r220)
  • Fix: Connection should be initialized before asking the database if it supports ddl transactions. (r215)
  • Fix: Uppercase User names when running with Oracle. (r200)
  • RH has differencing support with RedGate. See sample project for details. (r197)
  • Fix: Scrips run errors now updates version number and path w/out a dependency on scripts run. Allows for it to finish during transactional runs and still capture errors. (r196)
  • Fix: Capture errortastic changes to DDL/DML (up) files in the script run errors table. (r191)
  • Added admin connection string to do administrative tasks. (r190)

Prior Release Notes

Prior releases notes are on the wiki.


UppercuT - Automated Builds (automated build in 10 minutes or less?!)