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Denoising Plugin

This is a plugin for Chunky that creates Portable Float Map files (.pfm) for use with denoisers, e.g. Intel Open Image Denoise.

Please use version 0.3.2 for Chunky 1.x and the latest version for Chunky 2.4.0 or later.


Download the latest plugin release for your Chunky version from the releases page. In the Chunky Launcher, click on Manage plugins and then on Add and select the .jar file you just downloaded. Click on Save to store the updated configuration, then start Chunky as usual.

Compatibility note: If you are using the Discord plugin, make sure that it is loaded after the Denoising plugin, i.e. use the Down button to move it below it in the plugin list. Otherwise the denoiser plugin will not work.


Just render a scene as usual. It will render three images and save them as Portable Float Maps.

Denoise automatically

The Intel Open Image Denoiser can be downloaded here. After unpacking the archive, you can configure the denoiser executable (denoiser.exe on Windows, denoiser on Linux) in the Denoiser tab inside Chunky. If you do this, it will output the denoised image alongside the original image in the scene's snapshots directory.

Invoke the denoiser manually

After the rendering is done, the plugin will save the resulting image as scene-name.pfm in the scene directory and start to render a normal image (saved as scene-name.normal.pfm) and an Albedo image (scene-name.albedo.pfm). These files can be used by Intel Open Image Denoise like this:

./denoise -ldr scene-name.pfm -alb scene-name.albedo.pfm -nrm scene-name.normal.pfm -o output.pfm

To view the resulting image, it needs to be converted back to an actual image file. This can be done by the Python 3 script included in this repository or using an online converter, e.g. this one.


Copyright 2019-2021 Maik Marschner (leMaik)

Permission to modify and redistribute is granted under the terms of the GNU General Public License, Version 3. See the LICENSE file for the full license.