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Carta Leaflet Plugin for Omeka

Carta Omeka Plugin

Leaflet Plugin for Omeka

Stand alone plugin for adding Leaflet maps to your Omeka installation

Version 1.2.2

Download latest version 2.1.1 from


Add Leaflet maps via shortcode to your pages, exhibits, items, and collections.

You can also import Item, Exhibit, and Collection fields into your maps.

Basic image overlay is also included, as well as overlay opacity control for initial setting and user control.

The plugin is tile-agnostic, allowing you to use any tile provider.

6 tile groups are included, and a demo map are created on installation.

The plugin supports markers, lines, and polygons and includes a WYSIWYG editor for displaying formatted text, images, and links to InfoBoxes.

Maps can be added to directly to pages, as Items in collections, and Exhibit pages.

Change Log

Added MiniMap

Added Auto Zoom and Center for map canvas

Added import for item, collection, and exhibit fields

Added basic image overlay

Added opacity controls

Added marker clustering

Added fancy modal infoBox option


Copy the files to your Omeka plugins directory, making sure that directory name is Carta. You can also download the current, stable zip file from us [here] ( as well.

Activate the plugin from the Omeka plugins page


Please see Documentation site.