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A gathering of all the Impact plugins I have written
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My Impact Plugins

I have written a lot of plugins for Impact. If some functionality is at all general or usable more than once, I try to capture it in a plugin. So I've written a fair number by now. I'm going to gradually clean them up and post there here. I'm starting out with my simplest plugins.

One plugin per directory

Each plugin will have its own directory and a README explaining what the plugin does and how to use it.

Mixin type plugins

I often find I don't want to force a plugin into all entities in my game, so I usually opt to make my plugins as mixins. Then you can mix the plugin's functionality into any type you want. So most of my plugins follow this pattern:

// require the plugin
.requires('impact.entity', 'plugins.edges')
.defines(function() {

	EntityMyEntity = ig.Entity.extend({
		size: {
			x: 20,
			y: 5
		// ...

	// the plugin doesn't do anything unless you inject it into your type

Not all of my plugins are mixins, check each plugin's README for details.

Plugins overview

  • clear-map-tiles: deletes the tile at the specified location in a map
  • clickable: makes an entity clickable by the mouse, much like a hyperlink
  • edges: adds top, bottom, left and right properties to an entity
  • fade-entity: adds fading in and out capabilities to entities
  • fixed-entity: Fixes an entity to the screen, ideal for HUDs
  • observable: gives all Impact classes the ability to fire and listen to events
  • state-machine: gives entities state machines, to better manage them
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