Project documentation maintained by the City's Design, Technology, and Innovation teams.
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Design, Technology, and Innovation Projects

This is a GitHub Pages site for project documentation maintained by the City’s Office of Design & Delivery.


Our GitHub Pages guide includes a useful glossary and content editing guidelines.

This particular site is configured to be edited and published by Siteleaf. You may need to ask a colleague for an invitation to Siteleaf if you don't already have access.

Editing Projects

The main page for each project can be found in the "Pages" view in the Siteleaf editor; the rest of the pages go in the collections listed on the left side.

The changes you make in Siteleaf are not published automatically, but they can be previewed (after they're saved) using the buttons directly in Siteleaf. Once you're satisfied, just hit the publish button to push them to the live site.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: Publishing from Siteleaf affects all saved changes, including those made by other people. If you're worried about it, you can save a new page as "Hidden" to avoid someone publishing it before it's ready.

Adding Projects

This project uses the Zilker theme, which generates navigation automatically from pages and collections. To add a new project, first create a collection, then create a page with the same path as the collection, giving it a collection metadata field with the same value.