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My personal WikidPad user_extensions development
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Chris' WikidPad User Extensions

All extension listed here are for WikidPad, simply the best personal wiki around!

As I don't find much time to develop stuff completly from scratch I usally base it on existing work. Add-in's developed based on others work are listed here together with the references on where to find them and on which original version I based my work on.

HowTo Use

My personal usage is to clone this repository next to my WikidPad.git repository (checkedout via the git svn command) and symlink the user_extensions directory from the WikidPadUX to the WikidPad repo.

As an alternative just copy the individual files into your local WikdPad user_extensions directory.

Open Wishlist

Things I want but maybe didn't even start

  • checkbox lists like Zim or Github Flavored Markdown
  • reStructuredText pages (not whole wiki)
  • export to HTML5/CSS presentation format (dzSlides, S3reloaded)

Changes to existing Add-Ins

For a list of links to the original add-in see below.


  • fixed the access to the wikiDataManager for newer WikidPad Versions


  • as I'm in germany some month names have diaeresis in it and that causes problems. As a workaround I hardcoded the english locale within the add-in which is fine for me. Maybe someone else can propse a better solution.


  • I added the functionality to keep the interwiki link mapping in an external YAML file instead of having it hardcoded within the add-in. It will be automatically created within the GlobalConfigSubDir if it doesn't exist yet. There are some examples listed and the file can then be edded with any text editor. The format should be obvious from the examples.


  • added 'Blog ' to each page name to avoid clash with the CalendarControl addin


  • added 'yyyymmdd' date format

Own Development

FileManager Plugin

(should) simplify the handling of files in the wiki-local storage section. Still very rudementary. Maybe better start a full fledged file manger instead of (re-)prorgramming a new one.



additional parsers

Playing around with parsers to get other major markup languages available within WikidPad. I'm mainly interested in some reStructredText suppor.


WikidPad Internal Component Extensions

Usually I'm working of the latest svn version of WikidPad. My addins are updated with the original code. Currently base: WikidPad 2.3beta12

  • based on extensions/
  • : from extensions/wikidPadParser/
  • my addition to list mapping from strings to entities

Interestingly the CKolHtmlExporter seems to replaces the internal default one. Therefore the preview and standard export already uses the string-to-entity replacement without further actions. I haven't figured out the detailed workings but for now this is OK for me :-).

Add-In Base Versions

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