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Mockey is a tool for testing application interactions over http, with a focus on testing web services, specifically web applications that consume XML, JSON, and HTML.
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What is Mockey?

A testing tool, used to mock end point web services for the purpose of testing web service client applications.


  • Use Mockey as a proxy to a real service, to inspect request and response messages
  • Set up Mockey to go through a corporate proxy server, to reach an endpoint web service
  • Support for HTTP/s interactions (even if your corporate proxy server has https as an endpoint web service)
  • Ability to 'play back' conversations for when endpoint services are not available
  • Ability to run EVERYTHING in a sandbox - your application and the endpoint webservices your application is consuming.

What is Mockey not good at?

  • Large payloads used in conversations, e.g. 10MB per message
  • Transport protocols other than HTTP, e.g. FTP.
  • Complicated conversations e.g. if X, then call this database, else if Y, call 'rake FOO', else kick-off-Maven.
  • Solving everything

Getting Started - Quick

A pre-built jar:

To build one locally, see the following.

Via command line, build Mockey via Ant.

ant dist

After a successful build, do the following to start the app:

cd dist java -jar Mockey.jar --help

This will start Mockey and fire up your browser pointing at the defaults (port 8080, /home). Use --help for more options.

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