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Takes an input file with domains or IPs on each line and passes them to the VT API then writes the following items to a CSV. IPs that are put through this scanner is effectively doing a HTTP/HTTPS check to see if a direct IP connection is malicious.

  • Most recent scan date/time
  • Sanitized domain
  • Count of non-clean detections
  • Total AV scans
  • Link to scan results

Exe Version

Exe version of the script has been modified for CLI usage. It will still write the same information as the script to a CSV file which is written to the directory where the script is run from.

  • Prompts for API key
  • Status of key (public/private)
  • Filepath to a file

Script Prerequisites

  • Python 3.x+
  • VirusTotal API key
  • requests library

pip install requests

Example usecases

  • Scan list of domains from an investigation
  • PiHole domain nightly scans
  • DNS log domain scans
  • Periodic network traffic scans

Feature requests and bug reports

Please submit feature requests and bug reports through the issues page for this project.