Automated installation for guest images
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Latest commit 5eed862 Jan 16, 2017 @clalancette Check to ensure we have a graphics device before taking a screenshot.
Currently, some guests (ARM) do not have a graphics
device, so trying to take a screenshot there is futile
and ends up masking the original error.  Check if we
have a graphics device before taking the screenshot,
and just skip the screenshot if we don't have one.

Signed-off-by: Chris Lalancette <>


Oz is a set of programs and classes to do automated installations of
operating systems.  It is useful for creating virtual machine disk
images containing an operating systems and, optionally, programs.

The best way to install it is to make an RPM out of it by running "make rpm"
or "make srpm", and then installing the resulting RPM on the target machine.

Once you have the RPM installed, you will need to build up TDL files to feed
as input into the building process.  Please see the examples directory to get
an idea of what a TDL file looks like.