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Leaves - Productivity tool for frontend engineers

The full documentation is available at:

Leaves is a tool running on NodeJS to increase frontend development productivity. It is extremely simple to use, requires only NodeJS, and contains all the features commonly needed for frontend development.

  • HTML templating via Jade (default) or EJS
  • CSS templating via Stylus (default) or less
  • CoffeeScript compilation
  • Project watch and livereload
  • Scripts and stylesheets globbing with **/*.js like syntax
  • Compile error displayed in browser
  • Internationalization
  • Single command deploy to Heroku, GitHub pages and FTP servers
  • Misc: lorem-ipsum generator, easy CDN usage, leaves shell completion, project single command upgrade, dev mode

Getting started


To install Leaves, just run

$ npm install -g leaves
$ leaves setup

Start a new project

To create a new project with the default jade/stylus stack, run the following.

$ leaves new project
$ cd project
$ leaves

For more features, read the docs.


Contributions are very welcome.

For bug fixes

  • Fork
  • Create your branch
  • Fix the bug
  • Send a pull request

For new features, or important changes, please open an issue first.


Leaves is released under MIT license. See LICENSE for more info.