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clburlison profiles

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This repo uses submodules to include profiles from other Github users. By including all of these profiles in one place it is much easier to search locally on ones computer.


If you aren't familiar with git submodules use the commands below.

For new clones:

git clone --recursive

To update this cloned repo:

git pull --recurse-submodules

NOTE: This repo is updated daily with a travis build.

Adding repos

If you would like to add your profiles repo to this auto update repo:

  1. Fork this repo:

     git clone --recursive
  2. Create a new branch

     git checkout -b github_username
  3. Add your repo as a git submodule

     git submodule add github_username
  4. Commit your changes

     git commit -m "Add github_username"
  5. Push to your fork

     git push
  6. Open a pull request


You should read and make sure you understand what each profile is doing prior to installing. If you don't know what a key is doing it's your job to look it up.

All files provided as is. You run it. You break it. You fix it. I hold no responsibility.


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