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YARM development using "Atmel Studio 7" and "AFS" Library.

Library to setup the YARM board from ACME systems

To use this libraries follow this simple guide line.

  1. You must download and install Atmel Studio 7 from here:
  2. Launch "Atmel Studio 7" then select "File -> New -> Project". Inside the "New Project" window click on and select "GCC C ASF Board Project"
  3. Type in the name of your project, and click "OK".
  4. A new windows appear. Now you must choose the MCU. Select inside "Device Family" pop-up the family "SAML21"; then select the "ATSAML21E18B" device and click OK.
  5. The new project will be created. Now is time to insert the "Atmel Software Framework (ASF)" modules.
  6. Select "Project -> ASF Wizard" from the menu, after a while, on the left side of the window will appear a list of the available modules. With the help of the "Search for modules" text box, search and then "Add >>" the following modules:
    • Generic board support (driver)
    • Delay routines (service) [cycle] ^1
    • EXTINT - External Interrupt (driver) [callback]
    • PORT - GPIO Pin Control (driver)
    • RTC - Real Time Counter Driver (driver) [count_callback]
    • SERCOM I2C - Master Mode I2C (driver) [polled]
    • SERCOM SPI - Serial Peripheral Interface (driver) [callback]
    • SERCOM USART - Serial Communication (driver) [polled]
    • SYSTEMS - Core Systems Driver (driver)
    • Standard serial I/O (stdio) (driver)
    • N.B. Some of this modules can be configured using a pop-up menu on the right of the name. The correct value to set is inside the square bracket of each modules.
  7. Click on "Apply". At this point your project is ready to use this libraries.
  8. Inside the project window, right click on the "src" folder inside the "Solution Explorer" window on the right. Choose "Add -> Existing Item" to copy the source library inside your project.
  9. Remenber to add inside in "Properties -> Toolchain -> ARM/GNU Linker -> Miscellaneous" the option: "-lc -u _printf_float" to visualize the float value with "printf".

^1 On Atmel Studio 7.0.634 and ASF 3.31.0 set the Delay routines (service) [systick]

See the PDF file inside the "doc" folder for a step by step guide by screenshot.


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