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Clixon controller: The Clixon controller is an open-source manager of network devices based on NETCONF and YANG.

See Install, User guide, project page and FAQ

Clixon interaction is best done posting issues, pull requests, or joining the Matrix clixon forum.

Other Clixon projects include CLIgen, Clixon, and others.

Python API: The Clixon controller uses a Python API for services.

Additional features:

  • Add, delete and validate device configuration
  • Multi vendor support, can use any device capable of using NETCONF and YANG.
  • Templates support
  • Local configuration datastore
  • Loadable device profiles

Demo: Demo GIF

To launch a container with the controller and two fake routers based on OpenConfig:

$ ./
$ docker exec -it demo-controller clixon_cli

The Clixon controller is open-source Apache License, Version 2.0, see LICENSE.

The controller has a main branch continuously tested with CI.

Clixon controller is sponsored by SUNET