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Climsoft is a software suite for storing climatic data in a secure and flexible manner and for extracting useful information from the data. Climsoft is a free open-source project, licensed under GPL3. It is widely used by the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services of developing countries.

This repository contains Climsoft Desktop for Windows. We recommend that this application is only used over a secure local area network (LAN) at a particular site, or over a virtual private network (VPN) when used from an external site connecting over the internet.

Further information is available from and the Climsoft wiki. Here you can find information about Climsoft, including links to downloads of the guides and tutorials, discussion forums, the Climsoft road map and information about the history and governance of the project. The Climsoft project is controlled by a Steering Group, with a Technical Advisory Group, Project Coordinator and Lead Developers.

The Climsoft project welcomes Contributors to get involved and help us. If you wish to become a Climsoft Contributor you can fill in and submit a Climsoft Contributor's Agreement form from our Met eLearning site. If you have not already done so, you will need to set up a user profile on the Moodle site, and enrol yourself in the Climsoft "course". The form will be checked, and you will then be given access to the Contributors' discussion forum.