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A fast typescript implementation of the window.URL API
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Cliqz Url Parser

A Fast implementation of url parsing, mostly API-compatible with the standard URL class while being on average 2-3 times faster. Evaluation of URL components is lazy, so this implementation should be fast for all read use-cases.

Known differences to standard URL:

  • Parameters returned via URL.searchParams.entries() are decoded only with decodeURIComponent. This differs to standards parsing in some subtle ways.
  • You can iterate a URL parameters array directly via URL.searchParams.params. This is around 20% faster than using an iterator.
  • Parameter strings (; sepearated key/value pairs) are parsed, and accessible via URL.parameters.
  • Domain parsing with tldts is built in. The URL.domainInfo attribute returns output from tldts' parseHost method.
  • Hostname validation is not done on initial parse. The isValidHost() method is provided for this purpose.


npm install @cliqz/url-parser


const parsed = new URL('');
parsed.hostname // == ''


We benchmark against a list of 250,000 URLs collected from popular sites, as previously used in our adblocker benchmark. We compare two use-cases:

  1. URL object creation: new URL(url)
  2. Query string parsing: new URL(url).searchParams.entries()

We compare to a reference implementation on each platform:

  • Node: URL class from the url library
  • Firefox: window.URL
  • Chrome: window.URL
  • Safari: window.URL
Environment Use case Reference: urls/s Cliqz parser: urls/s Speedup
Node 11 new URL() 149,514 1,577,711 10.5x faster
Node 11 searchParams 140,544 198,340 1.4x faster
Firefox 69 new URL() 268,066 1,043,877 3.9x faster
Firefox 69 searchParams 119,207 354,793 3.0x faster
Chrome 75 new URL() 366,294 1,721,903 4.7x faster
Chrome 75 searchParams 144,309 283,956 2.0x faster
Safari 12 new URL() 656,930 1,525,078 2.3x faster
Safari 12 searchParams 264,481 437,738 1.7x faster

All benchmarks were run on a Mid 2015 Macbook Pro, 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7, 16GB.


Mozilla Public License 2.0

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