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Perchology Links

This is a list of Perch CMS add-ons by third party developers (the official apps are here).

This list includes add-ons, field types, template filters, plugins etc. Many of these links were orginally published in the Perchology Newsletter.

Note: Please check the capabilities and requirements for each app/add-on before using these on your Perch site.

Another Note: I'll be pruning this list if I think something is too old to be useful.




API Emails

  • Cognetif ApiMail
    ApiMail allows you to configure Perch to send email via web based API's such as SendGrid rather than SMTP or sendmail.


  • RG Sheets
    This app will allow you to import data from a Google sheet, into a specified Perch collection. And to schedule that import.

Email Lists

  • Campaign Monitor
    View Campaign Monitor lists and campaigns in Perch admin. Using Perch forms you can also subscribe new users to your lists.


  • Clean Talk Anti-spam
    This Perch add-on uses the CleanTalk API "check_message" method to help prevent spam on Perch Forms.

  • Form Builder
    An app to build forms and configure their fields via Perch admin.

  • MBK Forms
    Perch Forms Recaptcha uses Google Recaptcha v3 with Perch forms.

  • Perch Response Prune
    An addon that deletes form responses older than a specified age.



  • Font Awesome App
    Add inline SVG icons from the popular Font Awesome icon library without any JavaScript.

Image Optimisation




  • Member Tags
    Allow an administrator to view and edit all the tags that are currently used by the Perch Members app.


  • Perch Redirects
    An app to manage 301/302 redirects from within Perch Admin. Currently only works with Perch Runway.

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Chirp
    Chirp allows Perch content editors to analyse their content, and improve their on-site SEO.


  • Pipit Sharing
    Quickly and easily add sharing links for popular social media sites.


  • Cognetif Ordervars
    A Perch app to pass variables to an order from before the checkout step in Perch Shop.
  • Pipit Catalog
    Provides an alternative listing page for Shop Products with product thumbnails and easy filtering options. The listing also highlights sale and stock states.
  • Root Perch Shop Omnipay Update
    This is an update to the gateways for Perch Shop to make use of the latest Stripe Omnipay gateway so that Stripe is able to use 3DS2.


Site Search

  • Perch Algolia Sync
    Uses the Algolia API to communicate with your Algolia account and update site search results.



  • Event Logger
    Tracks the activity of users with CMS access. For assisting clients or for auditing your content editors.

Dashboard Widgets



Pages and Regions

  • Edit Pages from Dashboard
    Displays a list of all region items from all pages on the dashboard. Click each Page or Region item to go to its edit-page.


  • Pipits Shortcuts
    Choose menu sections, managed in Perch Runway's Menu Manager, to be listed in the widget.


Field Types


  • Collection
    Select a Collection key via the control panel (e.g. in an editable region). Useful when you have multiple Collections and you want to give the editor control over which one to display.


Date and Time

  • Timestamp
    A simple timestamp field type.
  • Calendar
    A field type for allowing users to select dates using a calendar.
  • Calendar
    An extended version (fork) of the previous calendar field type. Allowing editors to select dates using Flatpickr.js calendar.


  • CloneItem
    A field type that will clone/copy an item in a multi-item region.
  • ClonePage
    A field type that will clone/copy a page and its contents.


  • Focalpoint
    A custom field type allowing you to visually select a focal point on an existing Perch image.



  • Collection List
    A field type for Perch Runway to select an item from a collection.
  • Blog Posts
    A field type to select a blog post from the Perch Blog add-on and return a property.
  • Pages
    A field type to select a page from the page list and return a property.
  • Product List
    A field type for selecting products from the official Perch Shop app.
  • Superlist
    Adds a field type to Perch CMS that makes it easy to edit and output unordered/ordered lists.


  • RandomString
    A field type to generate a (pseudo-)random string. Use this as a supplement to/replacement for the Perch-native slug field type, if you need a randomly generated slug, for instance.


  • Tags
    A field type for adding comma-separated tags. Gives visual feedback to the editor, prevents editors entering the same tag more than once and allows blacklist words.


  • Simon A Table
    Creates a configurable editable data table within the Perch admin and outputs an HTML <table> element.



  • Cognetif AceSvg Editor
    An SVG specific editor based on the ACE code editor plug-in from Perch 2 and retro-fitted to work on Runway (only tested on Runway). Adds a code editor with SVG syntax highlighting and an image live preview of the SVG content.
  • Redactor: Inline Perch Assets
    Enables users to upload/select assets from the Perch Assets system. Images are displayed inline in the text box of the Redactor Editor.

UI Scripts

  • Auto Collapsible Dividers
    Normally field dividers in Perch templates are open and this script makes it possible to collapse them intially.
  • Perch Forms response view button
    A Perch UI plugin that adds a "View Response" button for each response on the Perch Forms "Listing Responses" page.
  • UI Loader
    The UI loader app enables you to load admin UI assets (CSS, Javascript and favicon). The app comes with zero UI assets. It just loads them for you.

Template Filters


  • Image Orientation Detection
    A Perch template filter to detect whether an image is portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Pipit Imgix
    Pipit Imgix is a Perch template filter that generates Imgix URLs for your images. Imgix is a service that lets you process, manipulate and optimise images on the fly and then serve the images via a fast CDN.
  • Pipit Cloudinary
    A template filter that enables you to easily upload images to Cloudinary and use their CDN and image processing functionality.

Navigation Menu

  • Alternate Menu Name in Navigation
    A filter to enable two menu item names (e.g long and short name) in navigation. Use this if you want your Perch website to show a different menu item name in different situations, e.g a shorter name on smaller screens.


  • Anchors
    Adds IDs to HTML headings h1-h6 (based on their content) in a textarea field.
  • Calculator
    Performs basic mathematical calculations.
  • External Links
    Add target and rel attributes to external links inside textarea field types.
  • Linebreak
    Inserts HTML line breaks <br> before new lines in a textarea field.
  • Reading Length
    Get a Perch item's reading length in minutes.
  • Telephone Numbers
    A template filter for formatting phone numbers.



  • Perch Admin Menu Icons
    A very simple way to add icons to your Perch admin sidebar menu.
  • Perch Admin Style
    This app allows you to style the admin interface for different clients with some base styling defaults.
  • Perch Admin Theme
    Adds a little more contrast and visual hierarchy to the Perch UI.
  • Perch Admin Theme
    A blue admin theme.
  • Perch UI Theme
    A dark "carbon" theme for Perch admin.
  • Skill UI
    An airy modern style that looks nice with blocks. It will also convert all radiobuttons to toggle switches.



  • Export Perch Blog to JSON
    Two scripts to export Perch blog posts to JSON and then import the JSON into a Perch Runway collection. Use the first script to create a JSON file for importing into other CMS.
  • toKirby
    Perch Dashboard app for exporting content to (Kirby) text files and Kirby blueprint files.


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