Getting binaries

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There are two options for getting a binary distribution.

  • NuGet
  • SourceForge


ClojureCLR is available from at

From the NuGet console:

PM> Install-Package Clojure

This distribution contains all the necessary DLLs ILMerge'd into a single, signed DLL. Release versions for .NET 3.5 and 4.0 are included. Also, the tools subdirectory contains Clojure.Main.exe (REPL) and Clojure.Compile.exe (command-line compilation). You will have to move those EXEs in with the corresponding DLLs to run them.


To get a REPL running quickly, download a binary distribution from

Binary distributions are labeled:

  • RELEASE corresponds to a Clojure release such as 1.2.0 or to an interim build such as 1.3.0-alpha2.
  • TYPE is Debug or Release
  • DOTNETVERSION is 3.5 or 4.0.


  • Download the zip file of your choice.
  • (For some versions of Windows) Clear the ‘downloaded from the internet flag’ by right-clicking the zip file in the File Explorer and selecting the Unblock box.
  • Unzip.
  • Got to the directory you unzipped into, and start a REPL by running Clojure.Main.exe.


Based on

brew install nuget
mkdir hello-clojure-clr
cd hello-clojure-clr
nuget install Clojure -Version 1.9.0-alpha13
cd Clojure.1.9.0-alpha13/
mkdir all
cp -r lib/net40 all
cp -r tools/net40/* all/net40
cp -r lib/net35 all/
cp -r tools/net35/* all/net35/

cat > <<-EOF
#!/usr/bin/env bash
ln -s Clojure.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.core.clj.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.core_clr.clj.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.core_deftype.clj.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.core_print.clj.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.core.protocols.clj.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.core_proxy.clj.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.genclass.clj.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.gvec.clj.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.instant.clj.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.main.clj.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.pprint.cl_format.clj.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.pprint.clj.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.pprint.column_writer.clj.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.pprint.dispatch.clj.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.pprint.pprint_base.clj.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.pprint.pretty_writer.clj.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.pprint.print_table.clj.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.pprint.utilities.clj.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.repl.clj.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.set.clj.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.stacktrace.clj.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.string.clj.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.template.clj.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.test.clj.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.uuid.clj.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.walk.clj.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.spec.cljc.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.spec.gen.cljc.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.core.specs.cljc.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.core.server.cljc.dll
ln -s Clojure.dll clojure.edn.cljc.dll

cd all/net40
bash ../../
cd ../../all/net35
bash ../../
cd ../..

mono all/net40/Clojure.Main.exe

See also

[Testing and building distributions](Testing and building distributions)

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