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Native codec implementations. Currently only base64 has been implemented.

API documentation:


Implements the standard base64 encoding character set, but does not yet support automatic fixed line-length encoding.

All operations work on either byte arrays or Input/OutputStreams.

Performance is on par with Java implementations, e.g., Apache commons-codec.

Example Usage

Transform a binary file into a base64 encoded file:

(require '[ :as b64]
         '[ :as io])

(with-open [in (io/input-stream "input.bin")
            out (io/output-stream "output.b64")]
  (b64/encoding-transfer in out))


The data.codec library is available in Maven central. Add it to your Maven project's pom.xml:


or your leiningen project.clj:

[org.clojure/data.codec "0.1.1"]


Copyright © 2011 Alex Taggart

Licensed under the EPL. (See the file epl.html.)

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