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Cloud Foundry Volume Services

On Cloud Foundry, applications connect to services via a service marketplace. Each service has a Service Broker, with encapsulates the logic for creating, managing, and binding services to applications. Until recently, the only data services that have been allowed were ones with a network-based connection, such as a SQL database. With Volume Services, we've added the ability to attach data services that have a filesystem-based interface.

Currently, we have platform support for Shared Volumes. Shared Volumes are distributed filesystems, such as NFS-based systems, which allow all instances of an application to share the same mounted volume simultaneously and access it concurrently.

This feature adds two new concepts to CF: Volume Mounts on Service Brokers and Volume Drivers on Diego Cells, which are described below.

For more information on CF Volume Services, please refer to this introductory document.

Developer Notes

Setting up Intellij

Configure your project to run gofmt and go imports using the following regex:-


This is so that Intellij does not go fmt dependent packages which may result in source changes.