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better poetry utils
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poetryutils: tools for poetry-focused textual analysis and manipulation.

basically small tools related to rhyme and metre, including a rhyme-finder I'm personally pretty happy about, at this juncture.

this is very very much in progress, and not intended for 'release'. It's a set of little functions I've been using in my own work, which has mostly focused on text from twitter. These tools may not be a very good solution to other corpora.

syllable counting stuff taken from a script by alex.rudnick that I found on the nltk listserv.

my approach to rhymes (essentially the idea of offloading my phoneme-gathering to espeak) is from a script by Imri Goldberg.

There are several examples of how I have used these utilities in the /bin folder. These samples will require a text source; I have made a sample source (a 70+ MB text file) available at You will need to edit these examples to point to the correct path on your system.

to use this for rhyme finding:

  • you must have espeak installed (‎)
  • you need to set a list of words you would like to be searching, with set_word_list(), which will have there phonemes extracted; this can take a while, like several hours for 200k words (these are cached, so you won't have to do it repeatedly) -get_rhyme_words(w) will then return words in the list that rhyme with w.
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