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Cloud-Native Cybersecurity Collective

A collective of digital-native organizations focused on making security simple, accessible, and effective.

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About the Collective

The Cloud-Native Cybersecurity Collective (CNCSC) was founded to share security and risk solutions for modern cloud technology stacks in the open source space. It is our goal to make these technologies more accessible by making secure and compliant configuration simpler.

Founding Members

The following organizations comprise the list of founding members. Each have agreed to contribute an applicable portion of their intellectual property to the Collective and actively participate in maintaining these projects.

Joining the Collective

If you would like to contribute your project to the Collective, reach out to and provide a link to and summary of your project. Note that your project must be licensed under either an MIT or Apache 2 open source license.

Popular repositories

  1. eslint-config eslint-config Public

    Standard ESLint shareable configuration for CNCSC projects.

    JavaScript 1 1

  2. cncsc-changelog-convention cncsc-changelog-convention Public

    Configuration preset for conventional-changelog describing CNCSC's conventions.

    JavaScript 1

  3. semantic-release-config semantic-release-config Public

    Shareable configurations for semantic-release with CNCSC's conventions for branching strategy and release note generation.

    JavaScript 1

  4. terraform-github-org terraform-github-org Public

    Terraform modules for deploying and managing a GitHub organization.

    HCL 2

  5. actions actions Public

    GitHub Actions workflow definitions and related automation scripts.

    Shell 3

  6. terraform-azuread-group terraform-azuread-group Public

    Terraform modules for deploying and managing Azure Active Directory groups.

    HCL 1


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