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An Infinite Descent into Pure Mathematics

This Git repository contains the TeX source for An Infinite Descent into Pure Mathematics by Clive Newstead.

The main website for the book is here.

Navigating the source

To compile the source, you will need a LaTeX implementation on your computer, or a browser-based LaTeX editor such as Overleaf, using the compiler pdfLaTeX.

The root document is book.tex, which calls all the other files it needs to compile the document.

The book folder contains the bulk of the actual content of the book, and is fairly easy to navigate. For example, to find the source for Section 5.2 (Equivalence relations), navigate to book/ch05-relations/s2-equivalence-relations.tex.

The book/includes folder contains all the code used for calling packages, taking care of formatting, custom commands and environments, and so on.

Modifications and adaptations

This TeX source is released under a Creative Commons Attribution–ShareAlike 4.0 International licence (CC BY-SA 4.0). Any derivatives must be released under the same licence, and must clearly attribute Clive Newstead as the creator of the original work on which the derivative is based.

To ensure compliance with the CC BY-SA 4.0 licence, if you want to modify or adapt the TeX source for your own use, please update the \adaptername and \adapteremail commands in the book.tex file with your name and email address, respectively. This will automatically take care of all necessary attributions, and will cite you as the adapter on the title page and copyright page.


An Infinite Descent into Pure Mathematics






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