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  - Correctly set default values when using var=... parameter to define_option.

  - Add a couple of tests

  - Don't print "option not found" error message when the user passes -h and the
    programmer has set a help routine.

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Mar 22, 2015
Mar 22, 2015
May 24, 2013

Options and input processing for Fortran

options.f90 is a Fortran module for defining and parsing command-line options and input parameters for Fortran programs. Its design is inspired by Python's optparse module. Some features:

  • Allows definition of options/parameters (real, integer, logical, string, and flags) corresponding to natural Fortran types, with names and descriptions

  • Automates reading option values from the command line and input parameters from file

  • Supports long options (e.g. --myopt) and short options (-m), as well as combining several short options (e.g. -v -c is the same as -vc)

  • Performs rigorous input validation & other error checking

  • Supports default values for all option types, and lower & upper bounds on numerical options

  • Can print nice descriptions of available options, with line wrapping as necessary

  • Designed to be easily extended with new option types

  • Well-tested and carefully coded (much of the code has been formally verified)

  • Easy to use

For more info, see

To Do

Some goals for future versions of this library:

  1. Include support for commands, rather than just options, on the command line.

  2. Create a mechanism for automatically generating a help message, given a short description of the program.


Options & input processing for modern Fortran



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