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Computer Networking: Principles, Protocols and Practice

Open source ebook and educational ressources for networking courses


  1. CampusNetwork CampusNetwork Public

    Student project for advanced networking course. The set of scripts to provision VMs, build a virtual exchange point and run virtual campus networks on VM for an advanced networking course.

    Shell 25 19

  2. ipmininet ipmininet Public

    Mininet extension to make experimenting with IP networks easy

    Python 62 49

  3. ebook ebook Public

    Third edition of the Computer Networking: Principles, Protocols and Practice ebook

    Python 110 40

  4. INGInious-packets INGInious-packets Public

    INGInious exercises that use the packet dissector

    Python 3 4

  5. INGInious-problems-network-trace INGInious-problems-network-trace Public

    Displays a partially-hidden trace of a network protocol that will be completed by students

    Python 3


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