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MEX - MultiChain Explorer

A lightweight MultiChain Explorer

NOTE: Work in progress

Development Setup

This project requires python 3, postgres and a MultiChain node with RPC access for local development and testing.

It is recommended to use a python virtualenv for development. Install dependencies in your activated virtualenv with pip install -r requirements.txt. Create your configuration in mex/settings/ (see Get your development environment up and running with these commands:

fab reset
python -m mex.sync
python runserver

If you make changes to the django models you can simply run fab reset and it will create a fresh database reflecting your new models. But be aware to only ever use fab reset for development because it will:

  • delete and recreate django migration files
  • drop and recreate a database named mex
  • create a demo superuser (user: admin, password: autogenerated)

python -m mex.sync starts a separate background process that will synchronize the database with the node.

After starting your the app with python runserver visit the admin interface at and login with the the credentials shown by the output of fab reset.

Roadmap to first release

  • Minimal datamodel for blocks, transactions, inputs, outputs and addresses
  • Synchronization of blockchain data via JSON-RPC
  • Minimal REST api for webfrontend with node bridge/proxy
  • Web Frontend
  • Deployment scripts
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