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A remote-first freelancer collective offering full stack web application engineering and consulting.

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  1. react-positioning-portal react-positioning-portal Public

    The positioning portal is a low level React component to build all kinds of absolutely positioned flyouts which are anchored to another element in the viewport.

    JavaScript 24 4

  2. tic-tac-toe-rl tic-tac-toe-rl Public

    Reinforcement learning the Tic Tac Toe game with a DQN agent.

    Jupyter Notebook 6

  3. tic-tac-ku tic-tac-ku Public

    Node cli implementation of the board game Tic Tac Ku with bots to play against.

    JavaScript 3 3

  4. express-batch-proxy express-batch-proxy Public

    Batch API controller for ExpressJS

    JavaScript 2

  5. release release Public

    A collection of release and changelog management scripts you can easily use via NPM.

    JavaScript 1 1

  6. talk-batch-api talk-batch-api Public

    Lightning talk at Munich NodeJS User Group



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