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  1. firemonkey-external-file-viewer firemonkey-external-file-viewer Public

    Delphi utility class for opening various files in external apps from Firemonkey application on Android and iOS

    Pascal 25 11

  2. firemonkey-network-state firemonkey-network-state Public

    Library for managing network state in Delphi or C++ Firemonkey apps on Android and iOS

    Pascal 19 16

  3. smartinspect-postsharp smartinspect-postsharp Public

    SmartInspect for PostSharp: Integrate SmartInspect logging with PostSharp AOP

    C# 9 5

  4. debounced-event debounced-event Public

    A simple library for debouncing TNotifyEvent's in Delphi

    Pascal 8 4

  5. jmeter-selenium-test-openshift jmeter-selenium-test-openshift Public

    JMeter script with Selenium WebDriver Sampler for testing OpenShift web console


  6. smartinspect-java-library smartinspect-java-library Public



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