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Not compatible with FileVault (OS X --fix-permissions error) #9

robotskirts opened this Issue Oct 25, 2010 · 12 comments

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When you click Start Capturing a dialog pops up asking for you password so firesheep-backend can have the system.privilege.admin right. After entering the password and clicking Ok you get an error that says "Run --fix-permissions first". I haven't been able to do this successfully.

OS X 10.6.4
FF 3.6.11


I didn't get that with FF 3.6.11 on 10.6.4 instead for me it just didn't load

matt- commented Oct 26, 2010

The only way i could get this to work is run firefox as root:

sudo /Applications/


I have the same issue - same Firefox and OS X versions.


Hey - A few people have suggested that this error is caused by File Vault being enabled - are you all using that?


Yes, I am using FileVault


Whoops. I accidentally closed this and there doesn't seem to be a reopen.

Yes, I am using FileVault.


I am not using FileVault and I got it to work so maybe it is FileVault


A workaround is to move the extension directory from your user’s Firefox profile into the application directory (/Applications/

consti commented Oct 26, 2010

Another workaround is running Firefox with another user through the terminal (I am running with root). You'll then have to reinstall the extension:

1) Start Firefox with another user
sudo /Applications/

2) Install extension, close Firefox and restart as other user (e.g. sudo).

That fixed it for me


FYI, I am using the latest version of firefox and Mac OS X and have never used filevault, I still get the fix permissions error.

abraham commented Nov 10, 2010

A temporary work around is to use it in the guest account.

You can also move the firesheep extension to the global Firefox extension directory:


Added Filevault workaround. Closed by a50e9fa.

@mickflemm mickflemm pushed a commit to mickflemm/firesheep that referenced this issue Sep 17, 2011
@codebutler Added Filevault workaround. Closes #9. a50e9fa
This issue was closed.
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