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Code Checks

Open source platform for code review automation


  1. monorepo monorepo Public

    Open source platform for code review automation ✅

    TypeScript 98 19

  2. docs docs Public

    📚Documentation for codechecks

    JavaScript 22 11

  3. awesome-codechecks awesome-codechecks Public

    A curated list of awesome codechecks for almost anything

    21 5

  4. typecov typecov Public

    Track missing type coverage to ensure type safety

    TypeScript 143 7

  5. lighthouse-keeper lighthouse-keeper Public

    Keep an eye on Google Lighthouse score changes directly on GitHub 💡👀

    TypeScript 87 6

  6. build-size-watcher build-size-watcher Public

    Keep your bundle size in check and detect when it gets too big.

    TypeScript 17 5


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