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Some clarification for all the new people here:
This editor is what we use for our Code in the Dark competition (http://codeinthedark.com/) and is not something you can really use in your day to day work.

I've started working on a package for atom https://atom.io/packages/activate-power-mode to add the same effect, I recommend you check that out if you want to use it in a more serious editor.

Here are some enhancements I made for the editor. The biggest new thing is that you now get these cool particles when you enter power mode:


Here's a list of the other changes:

  • The "Current streak" counter is now just called "Combo", and there is a bar below it to indicate how much time is left before it resets.
  • The screen shake intensity now increases for each multiple of 100 you go above the Power Mode threshold.
  • Power Mode now activates when you reach a combo of 200 instead of 250.
ptz0n commented Nov 27, 2015



Amazing... :D


Need play with this now


I checked out your branch, but I don't see any particles, just shaking


@timaschew Which browser + version are you on?


I want this for sublime!


Same as @timaschew. I'm on Chrome 46.0.2490.86 (64-bit) (OSX) and I see only shaking.


And also I want a class' style definition to be animated into the class with some kind of particle transformation...


I tried on chrome, firefox and safari, same result on all browsers.
I'm using OS X El Capitan


I could watch this forever (sorry for getting pinged for this pointing comment)


@enrique-ramirez @timaschew Alright I'll look into it. Since you're getting the shaking I assume you hit "Power Mode" by getting your combo to 200, which is when the particles should also come into effect.


Yes, shaking starts at 200 points, in power mode.
I tried to continue until 1000, but it was still just shaking.

eur0pa commented Nov 27, 2015

Does the screen shake go up to "Vlambeer"?


Dude, that's pretty amazing!


Love it!!


Same issue as previous posters - no particle effects are shown.

Running Chrome 46.0.2490.86m on Windows 10.1


@JohanSandstroem @enrique-ramirez @timaschew Hmm I can't seem to reproduce this in any browser. Can you try out this version http://joelbox.s3.amazonaws.com/citd/index.html? I want to know if there's something weird with your builds.


@JoelBesada Ah, it does work with that version. Where could our builds go wrong?


@enrique-ramirez No idea :)

This does include the fix from @gernberg that fixes the position of the particles after you've scrolled however, if you've all been scrolled too far down to see the particles. You could try it locally again with the latest commit.


Yeah it works, awesome, thanks!


Awesome 👍 :D

aldee07 commented Nov 28, 2015

Code with feelings


Literally the best thing i've seen


Awesome man 👍👌




Cool !



jhoonb commented Nov 28, 2015

hahaahaha, awesome!

moolex commented Nov 28, 2015

I have lost my eyes .. D _ D




looks great!

towry commented Nov 28, 2015

Cool, man!


scared me!




Cool !!!


Pa! Pa! Pa!





Azeril commented Nov 28, 2015


jiguang commented Nov 28, 2015

cool bi le !!!




That's really cool


😍 I need this

reoring commented Nov 28, 2015

Oh.. That is so cool




Awesome. It's really innovative idea.

ychow commented Nov 28, 2015


solor commented Nov 28, 2015

looks awesome
package for sublime please ~


I dont know if it's practical, but it's really cool.

lpig commented Nov 28, 2015

wow when my friend ask me what i'm doing i can show them this



L1nker4 commented Nov 28, 2015








nash-ye commented Nov 28, 2015

Amazing! 😳 😍



hlcfan commented Nov 28, 2015





Now we can code and feel like Rambo with a machine gun

DropFan commented Nov 28, 2015


taeguk commented Nov 28, 2015



Awsome Bro <3


Wow! Awesome! Want it badly for PHPStorm!


This is what kind of editor?



Want it in Vim :/


Really cool!!!


Well, for those of you who want this on sublime, turns out its API doesn't give us much flexibility on the viewport (at least on Sublime Text 2 API). I had a look at it for a couple of hours but couldn't find a workaround :(



rands0n commented Nov 28, 2015



👍 💯


Very cool!

miaoxw commented Nov 28, 2015

Interesting feature


I just tried it! That's so f**king amazing! Great work!


I thought maybe near in future I can have it in sublime text ?

lazywei commented Nov 28, 2015

Please someone port this to vim 😂


Maybe it would be easier the Atom porting than sublime or vim


Cool 🍻




Need for VS Code too...

sekys commented Nov 28, 2015

awesome :D


Oh lord! +1 GG!


Cool 👍


Couple of years ago I made a fork of gnome-terminal to implement animated cursor with animations beings scripted in LUA: https://github.com/asivokon/vte-fx#examples :)

aysin commented Nov 28, 2015

Nice 👍 The Code in the dark event was even cooler..


whoo hoaw!

Lemons commented Nov 28, 2015

Need this for IntelliJ This looks awesome! :)

Yuan-Yu commented Nov 28, 2015


isqad88 commented Nov 28, 2015

nice 👍

o-mdr commented Nov 28, 2015

This is how I see myself coding. Very cool.

Bokdem commented Nov 28, 2015

I need this right now!!


Try next

4u4v commented Dec 2, 2015

I want this for sublime!




@chensk 改0 不可以么?

ezhishui commented Dec 2, 2015

if not shaking will be better

ezhishui commented Dec 2, 2015

When type in the color of particles is always grey,any colorfull?


I also want this for sublime

feijilao commented Dec 2, 2015

I can't install this plugin.
The error is:





abacaj commented Dec 2, 2015


sy-tang commented Dec 2, 2015

super cool!

IsaacYao commented Dec 2, 2015

@feijilao Turn off your VPN and try again.

dash50 commented Dec 2, 2015

Cool baby!

lightmen commented Dec 2, 2015

Anybody know how to config the atom to toggle the activate-power-mode auto?

it's very cool, but the trobule is everytime when I start up the atom, I have to press
Ctrl+Alt+O to toggle the activate-power-mode.

4u4v commented Dec 2, 2015

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awesome man

spikobg commented Dec 2, 2015

looks awesome but running it full screen on my 4K displays makes my 2014 i7 MBPro run 99'C 🍡


so cool 👍


Cool! I like this style!




It seems that when you switch the tab and then come back to the original tab, the cool effect will be incomplete that there are no more particles.

synvaier commented Dec 3, 2015

amazing,I like it.

sjwjames commented Dec 3, 2015



some extend effects will be more cool:
Copy like running water
Paste like telesport
Automatic generation like smoking
Delete like black hole


@JiangpingLu sounds exciting !


@xianxingg yep, I'm just image some cool operate show while we are coding...

louy2 commented Dec 3, 2015

Actually this is the thing that first reminded me that Atom is probably the most customizable editor ever. Others are good for customizing coding related stuff. Atom is a full UI renderer. Emacs was touted to be the one, in the age of terminals. Now Atom shall be the one, in the age of GUI.

louy2 commented Dec 3, 2015

@xuepengren 安装 activate-power-mode 包。

louy2 commented Dec 3, 2015

@feijilao 你需要翻墙。


@louy2 最烦的就是翻墙了!这世界上也就朝鲜跟中国要翻墙了。。。这垃圾政府

4u4v commented Dec 3, 2015

要学会科学上网 :-)



linsunny commented Dec 3, 2015

so cooooooooooooooooooooooool~


That's really amazing!


gyp info it worked if it ends with ok
gyp info using node-gyp@2.0.2
gyp info using node@0.10.40 | win32 | ia32
gyp http GET https://atom.io/download/atom-shell/v0.34.0/node-v0.34.0.tar.gz
gyp http 200 https://atom.io/download/atom-shell/v0.34.0/node-v0.34.0.tar.gz
gyp http GET https://atom.io/download/atom-shell/v0.34.0/SHASUMS256.txt
gyp http GET https://atom.io/download/atom-shell/v0.34.0/node.lib
gyp http GET https://atom.io/download/atom-shell/v0.34.0/x64/node.lib
gyp WARN install got an error, rolling back install

dash50 commented Dec 4, 2015

try installing the package with cmd line, make sure “apm.cmd” has been included in the path:
 apm install activate-power-mode

apm.cmd resides under path like:

louy2 commented Dec 4, 2015

@13750497901 ☝️ You probably need to get a better connection as well.


Nice work!! Also constantly harms our vision. 😂

@4u4v 你可以不在人家的 issue 里打广告么!!!!


Make one for Jetbrains products please (IntellijIdea, Pycharm, Webstorm, PHPStorm etc)


Intellij Idea version, please! Just awesome!!!

YunWang commented Dec 4, 2015

I am waiting for a stable version for Atom.

khiconit commented Dec 4, 2015

I hope it have in sublime text

maxzhuo commented Dec 4, 2015


maxzhuo commented Dec 4, 2015

Although there are particles and vibration effect, but no picture of the class= "container" and class= "stuff" breathing lights flashing effect.

chanity commented Dec 4, 2015

This one is pretty good. Im using it already. But I can't really use it in the new tab. Do you have any idea on how to work this in the new tab?

jleppert commented Dec 4, 2015

giphy 1


Atom is now my full time editor along with this mod.

PeTRoLi commented Dec 4, 2015

Cool :)

sethinh commented Dec 5, 2015

I consider how can we stop shake screen.


So cool!


sublime +1


O_O mother of god

ShaneJim commented Dec 7, 2015


ayukacha commented Dec 7, 2015


willin commented Dec 7, 2015


matveytn commented Dec 8, 2015

I wonder if it's possible to implement in Brackets?


Awesome! It does work! you can change the variable of intensity to zero in 52 line if somebody need stop the shake.
the file position is 'packages\activate-power-mode\lib\activate-power-mode.coffee'

sethinh commented Dec 10, 2015

Hi jingxinxin .I try change the variabale in line 52 to zero,but it stop water effect only,


@sethinh Hi ,The author had provided settings to change that effect and now you just update this plugin.

sethinh commented Dec 11, 2015

Thank guy.i checked update .it work,

On Thu, Dec 10, 2015 at 11:56 PM, Jacks notifications@github.com wrote:

@sethinh https://github.com/sethinh Hi ,The author had provided
settings to change that effect and now you just update this plugin.

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#1 (comment).

Nguyễn Quốc Thịnh


I thought maybe near in future I can have it in sublime text ?


10/10 Let it in!


Cool!I want this for MonoDevelop!


@halileohalilei can you struggle with the Sublime Text APIs some more please :) I would like to help if possible.

r-lyeh commented Dec 17, 2015

ha! :) 👍


container and stuff does not breathe. How did you do that?

penny19 commented Dec 24, 2015

I wanna sublime version


Omg,it's so cool~


cool O.o


Power coding 💪


Super Awesome!!

landsman commented Mar 6, 2016

Love it! Now for Sublime Text 3 please! 👍


I like it! bobobo

gehero commented Mar 30, 2016

so cool

luantu commented Apr 10, 2016

where Amazing happens


it is cooooooooooooooooooooooool


so cool



glshome commented Apr 22, 2016

It's Great!

HailorS commented Apr 22, 2016

so cool !


changed my life.


Cool Very Much !!!!
Where Can Find Eclipse Version ?

net20121222 commented Apr 29, 2016 edited

cool .i need it sublime


Sorry sublime, This is just another reason to move to Atom and another reason for you to work on your API! o/

Youre loosing youre mojo! lol


I just feel very funny.
Thank you for this idea !
It makes coding work more amusing.


Just amazing!


How install it????


Who can help me ???


@My-captain First,you need Atom.then,just install the plugin.you will not miss it


@jingxinxin Wow,thank you.But I don't know which is the plugin.All I see are code,code and code.......sorry,I'm freshman


... is not something you can really use in your day to day work.

Wanna bet? :)


wow!!! I want this for eclipse...

CXWZJUT commented Aug 24, 2016


zhaoxuan commented Sep 7, 2016


iherewy commented Dec 2, 2016

I want this for websotrm!

odingit commented Dec 27, 2016

室长,You are very good at front-end Web developer by this compiler。


室长,You are very good at front-end Web developer by this compiler。

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