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Prelaunch app written in Ruby and Rails 3.2 with email collection for two or more user types, social sharing after user signs in, and automailer to new user. Checkout the README.rd for more details!
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removed my email so I didn't get emails from development interceptor …

…when users were testing app in development.
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Cody Littlewood authored

This is a quick application to get up and running with your startup. It is written in Ruby on Rails for anyone looking to collect user emails and gauge interest before launching. We (@mikebabb and I), needed an application that provided signup for two types of users. Nothing on the market was really available for this… so we built it. Please fork and enjoy. I'm sure that someone will find bugs. I'm even more sure that someone in the community will make it even more awesome. It may have a bit of our content, but it wouldn't take you too long to change it to fit your need. Just a heads up. Cheers!

Here is an example of the launchpage once it's all styled/designed: Backstagr

1.Email collection for two types of users
2.Social sharing
3. Auto mailer
4. Ability to export user emails via CSV

Items you should change to customise it for your needs (baring the obvious. I'm not listing those. You'll see the title, etc.):

  1. The .gitignore includes the mail initializer because it contains passwords/usernames etc. Here is the layout for stmp through google. Just fill with your own information:

require 'development_mail_interceptor'

ActionMailer::Base.smtp_settings = {
    :address            => "",
    :port                   => 587,
    :domain             => "mydomain",
    :user_name      => "",
    :password       => "mypassword",
    :authenticaton => "plain",
    :enable_starttls_auto => true

ActionMailer::Base.default_url_options[:host] = "localhost:3000"
ActionMailer::Base.register_interceptor(DevelopmentMailInterceptor) if Rails.env.development?

1a. Change the email in lib/development_mail_interceptor.rb to your email so that when you're running app in development the test emails get sent to your email address.

  1. You'll want to go into app/views/static/success and change the details of the social plugins to match your domain/twitter/facebook.
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