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Running Locally

  • Install PostgreSQL 9.2 or above

  • Change default database details in src/Main.hs (, 5432, postgres, '', postgres) to match your local database

  • Start your database

  • Run the SQL from sql/import.sql on your local database (the command might look something like this: psql -U postgres -h < sql/import.sql)

  • Install GHC 7.6 or above and Cabal 1.18 or above (you can use the commands cabal update and cabal install cabal-install --global to get the latest version)

  • Change into the directory where you cloned this source code and run the following commands:

      cabal sandbox init
      cabal install --only-dependencies
  • To run the app, issue the following command:

      cabal run 4000
  • View the app at http://localhost:4000

  • To recompile the JavaScript, install the Haste compiler and run the command make in resources/js.

Running on OpenShift

  • Create an OpenShift Online account

  • Install the RHC Client tools

  • Run the command rhc setup to configure RHC ready for use

  • In a different directory to this source code, create a Haskell Scotty application with a PostgreSQL 9.2 database with the following command:

      rhc app create wubbleapp postgresql-9.2 --from-code=
  • Add a copy of the app source with the following command:

      cd wubbleapp
      git pull -s recursive -X theirs git://
  • Import the SQL from sql/import.sql into the OpenShift database with commands such as the following. You can use rhc app show to check the OpenShift database credentials.

       rhc port-forward 
       # Put the above into the background or open another terminal
       psql -h -p 5432 -U adminabcabc1 -d wubbleapp < sql/import.sql 
       # Replace port with the one shown in the port-forwarding output
  • Push the new app code to OpenShift with the command git push

  • View the app at the URL http://wubbleapp-{yourdomain}; you can use the command rhc app show -a wubbleapp to check the URL

  • To make changes to the app and run it locally, follow the instructions above to create a Cabal sandbox and run the app with cabal run. To push changes to OpenShift, use the commands git add, git commit, and git push.

  • To recompile the JavaScript, install the Haste compiler and run the command make in resources/js.