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Codiga - Write better code, faster.



We help developers write better code, faster. Here at Codiga, we focus on building devtools that help to work with our core product to fasten up developer's productivity. We have open-sourced few of our devtools, which are open for contributors.

📑 Features

Coding Assistant and Code Snippets

The Codiga Coding Assistant helps users define and import safe and reusable blocks of code, also known as code snippets. The platform works for IntelliJ, VS Code and Chrome.

Code Analysis and Automated Code Reviews

The code analysis and automated code reviews works on GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket. It flags any code violation in your code changes.

You can try it for free on

🌎 Join Codiga community

To get involved with our community, please make sure you are familiar with Codiga principles

  1. Join our Slack
    Join our Slack Channel If you have a question on how to use Codiga, want to contribute, or simply want to say hello 👋🏾, feel free to chat with us in Slack. We're nice people. 🙂

  2. First Awesome Recipe
    Sign up at Codiga and create your first awesome code snippet 🎉. Share with us on Slack, to win some surprises. 🎁

  3. Codiga Blogs
    Read our Blog Get to know more about Codiga and various opportunities, competitions happening at Codiga

  4. Codiga Doc and Tutorials
    View Doc and Tutorials

👩🏽‍💻 Contribute to Codiga

First of all, thanks for getting involved!

There are many awesome ways to contribute to the Codiga. (Code isn't the only way to help out! ❤️) The below table gives you an idea of how contributions are recognized in the project.

Emoji/Type Represents Emoji/Type Represents Emoji/Type Represents
Bug reports 📝
Blogposts 💻
Documentation 🎨
Design 💡
Ideas & Planning 🚧
Maintenance 💬
Answering Questions
Reviewed Pull Requests 📢
Talks 📹

To figure out a great first GitHub issue to work on, join our discord, get your member role by reacting to rules and visit the how-to-contribute 🙂 channel. This channel is specifically designed for supporting all community questions on getting started as a contributor.

Report an issue

You can report an issue using the GitHub issue tracker.

If you would like to report a critical issue or contact us privately, please use the email

🔗 Useful Links


  1. Jetbrains plugin for Codiga. Coding Assistant and Code Analysis in all JetBrains products. Codiga supports more than 10+ languages, try it for free on

    Java 10 8

  2. VS Code plugin that suggests code blocks as you type and check for errors. Works for JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Java, Scala, Ruby, PHP, Apex, Docker

    TypeScript 10 3

  3. Code Analysis and Coding Assistant for Chrome

    TypeScript 5 2



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