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Adds verification rules for user passwords in plone.
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This Pluggable Authentication Service (PAS) plugin validates passwords against regular expression rules. These rules can ensure a passwords strength such as minimum lenth and required characthers. This plugin contains a patch to plone to use PAS validation.


  • PluggableAuthService and its dependencies
  • (optional) PlonePAS and its dependencies
  • Plone 4.1 or 4.2.


Install Products.PasswordStength by adding it to your buildout:



 eggs =

and then running bin/buildout ans start the Zope services.

To use with plone, you need to install PasswordStrength using portal_quickinstaller from ZMI.

Then go to the acl_users into Plone object and click on password_strength_plugin, click on the Properties tab and edit the validation rules.

That's it! Test it out.

Zope2 product

Place the Product directory 'PasswordStength' in your 'Products/' directory. Restart Zope.

In your PAS 'acl_users', select 'PasswordStrength' from the add list. Give it an id and title, and push the add button.

Enable the 'Validation' plugin interfaces in the after-add screen.

Click on the properties tab and edit the validation rules

That's it! Test it out.

Note: PasswordStength doesn't currently generate new passwords. This means that you will need to change Plones security settings such that users manually enter passwords rather than autogenerate them.


A PAS plugin for Validation checks the password against each regular expression listed in the properties. Any rules that fail result in the associated error messages being returned.

Plone doesn't use PAS to validate passwords so included is a patch to Products.CMFPlone.RegistrationTool.RegistrationTool.testPasswordValidity which makes plone use PAS validation plugins.


  1. Do password generation from regexp. This looks possible

  2. Do password expiration



Copyright, License, Author

Copyright (c) 2007, PretaWeb, Australia,
and the respective authors. All rights reserved.

Author: Dylan Jay <>

License BSD-ish, see LICENSE.txt


Thanks to Daniel Nouri and BlueDynamics for their NoDuplicateLogin which served as the base for this.
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