A transmogrifier blueprint for updating dexterity objects
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The transmogrify.dexterity package provides a transmogrifier pipeline section for updating field values of dexterity content objects. The blueprint name is transmogrify.dexterity.schemaupdater.

The schemaupdater section needs at least the path to the object to update. Paths to objects are always interpreted as being relative to the context. Any writable field who's id matches a key in the current item will be updated with the corresponding value.

Fields that do not get a value from the pipeline are initialized with their default value or get a missing_value marker. This functionality will be moved into a separate constructor pipeline...

The schmemaupdater section can also handle fields defined in behaviors.

Actually tested and supported fields

  • TextLine or Text
  • Bool
  • List
  • NamedFileField
    needs a dict with data and filename or get the filename in a seperated value from the pipeline
  • Date
    needs a datetime.date or datetime.datetime object, or a string in the following format "%Y-%m-%d"
  • Datetime
    needs a datetime.datetime object, or a string parseable by DateTime.DateTime e.g. "2015-12-31 17:59:59" or "2004/12/30 00:20:00 GMT+1" etc.

Default pipelines

This package also registers a number of pipelines for you to use. To add them to a GenericSetup profile, create a transmogrifier.txt with the name of the pipeline you wish to use.


This pipeline will convert a CSV file into dexterity content. To use it:

  • Name your CSV entries.csv
  • Create a file called transmogrifier.txt with the one line transmogrify.dexterity.csvimport
  • Add both to a .tar.gz file
  • Visit /Plone/portal_setup/manage_importSteps
  • Select the tarball you just made
  • "Import uploaded tarball"

...or add it as part of another GS profile.

The first row of the CSV is presumed to be column headings. Unless a special column, the column will be presumed to be a dexterity property to update on the type. Special column names are:-

  • _type
    portal_type of content (optional, default is Document)
  • _path
    Full path to content item, including content item.
  • _folder
    Folder containing item, id will be derived from title
  • _transitions
    Workflow transition (optional, default is "publish")


  • General support for all fields
  • Tests