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Confirmation Popover for inline confirmations
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Confirmation Popover

Popover confirmation component built on top of Popover.

js popover confirmation component

Live demo is here.


$ component install component/confirmation-popover


  • all the features of Popover / Tip


  • show the confirmation is shown
  • hide the confirmation is hidden
  • cancel the user closed the confirmation or cancelled
  • ok the user accepted


new ConfirmationPopover(msg, [title])

Create a new popover with msg and optional title.

var Confirmation = require('confirmation-popover');
var confirm = new Confirmation('This action cannot be undone.', 'Delete tobi?');;


By default the "cancel" button is focused, however you may invoke .focus('ok').


Set cancel button text.


Set cancel ok text.

.show(el, [fn])

Attach to el, and invoke fn with a boolean representing the user's choice.

When fn is omitted you may still utilize the cancel / ok events.


View Tip and Popover for additional API documentation.



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